There is quite a while ago, I lived in London a couple of Dalmatian dog young. See coincidence. The name was Pongoy. But after the marriage of a lady's name, attached to the female Pongo, he has been called only Lady. Quite frankly, if you need to say much of this young married Pongo, a mule; because owners, Mr and Mrs Dearly, extremely polite, soft-headed, and were people really smart uslu. Pongo anlıyorlardı in addition of the languages. «Us out we want to get in!», «!» or «Karnımız» ring flashes starve! anl ***** understands that a snap from havlamalarını, sorry to say what sallamalarının bakışlarının or çıkarabiliyorlardı that the tail with joy. They also have people like many dogs, dogs that somehow people think she is in fact kavrayamıyorlardı. Pongo the idea with the Lady, and a little moving eyes owners such as finding their fun, as well as on their aldırmıyorlardı. Pongo is a family in which two women to visit the Dalmaçyalının, Vil. This is one of the women's fur-savvy. To take advantage of this Cubs player Dalmaçyalıların, and kürklerinden to store them away on a farm pups.Juveniles have been stolen that set out to find them, Dalmaçyalılar MOM and Dad a well-defined; This comes very early in the ilgniç events. Also, here is another place which has once they Dalmaçyalıların. should their recoveries, there are ninety-nine tiny Dalmatians with offspring.

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