Identifying the main point of reports of events where the visual

supports the commentary.

Forming an idea of the main content in a film.


Understanding short, simple texts on familiar matters.

Finding specific, predictable information in simple everyday


Locating specific information in lists and isolating the

information required

Locating the topic sentence and supporting details and examples.


Writing a series of simple phrases and sentences linked with

simple connectors like “and”, “but” and “because”.

Writing very short, basic descriptions of events and past activities

Picking out and reproducing key words and phrases or short

sentences from a short text within the learner’s limited

competence and experience.


Dealing with practical everyday demands: finding out and passing

on straightforward factual information.

Asking and answering questions about past events and activities.

Giving a simple description or presentation of people and places

Telling a story or describing something in a simple list of points

Giving short basic descriptions of events and activities