Thank you for you will listen to me. 
i was born in tekirdağ in 1994. first i spoke two years old.I misbehaved child. my best child friend is Uğur.Uğur is older than me but only 1 year.i use to play a football.First i went school "İlk kurşun" , second "Fatih" school and i went to "Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK " middle school. i use to succesful my lesson in middle school.I liked social lesson.I liked social lesson's teacher Ali Kırdaş.My Best Friend in school Tolgahan.But We won other high school and we must leave. 

My mother name is xxxx , My Father name is xxxxx and i have a sister. her name is xxxx.My mother is housewife , my father is retired officer.My sister is going to university third class.We are happy family.I have two aunt and three uncle.My grandmother and my grandfather died.Im missing them.I like play a computer , read a book and watch a tv a free time.My favourite computer game is "World of Warcraft".My favourite book is "Lord of The Rings Series".My favoruite film is "Brave Heart" and my favourite series is "Dexter". im like a phisic lesson now.My best friend Samet now.So does he like "Lord of the Rings" and "World of Warcraft" player.But im very sad because he went to Ankara last year but we are speaking with telephone and internet.Im missing him.I want be a lawyer.Because i love it. Thanks for listen to me.