ali is taller than ayşe

fatma is more beautiful than irem

sezin is more interesting than gürkan

tom is older than jack

konya is bigger than istanbul

fehat is more difficult than seda

ceyda healtier  than irem

irem wealtier than ceyda

konya is bigger than antalya

konya is bigger than ordu




konya is the biggest city of turkey

my room is the smallest room in our house

sezin is the most beautiful girl in the class

sezin is the smallest girl in the class

gürkan is the most difficult boy in our class





4 4 4

1) john/young/mary=johnis younger then mary


2)lakevan/large/laketuz=lakevanis larger then laketuz


3)peter/fat/tom=peteris fatter then tom


4)historıy/borıng/turkısh=hıstorıyıs boringer then turkısh 


5)ıstambul/crowded/ankara=ıstambulis crowdedmore then ankara


6)ajacket/expensive/a t-shırt=ajacketis expensivermore then a t-shirt


7)mustafa/thin/muhammet/=mustafais thiner then muhammet


8)lında's bag/heavy/mary's bag=linda's is heonier mary's bag


9)my sister/young/mybrother=my sısteris younger then my brother


10)a plane/fast/abus=a planeis faster then a bus



(digerini bulama dım)




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