I'd rather draw a map than give someone verbal directions. (Verbal)
I can play (or used to play) a musical instrument. (Musical)
I pick up new dance steps fast. (Kinaestethic)
Life seems empty without music. (Musical)
Learning to ride a bike (or skates) was easy. (Kinaesthethic)
He usually sits in front. (Visual) 
They like solve the math problems. (Mathematical)

They are chatty and talkative. (Interpersonal)
They like reading something. (Verbal)

They learn better and more quickly if they see it. (Visual)

They like acting and moving aroud much. (Kinaesthetic)

They like being with their friends. (Interpersonal)

They like studying alone. They hate being in a group. (Intrapersonal)

They are good at playing a musical instrument. (Musical)



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