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I think I ______ graduate next year.   A) was B) will C) am D) have 2. He ______ lower marks than me.   A) gets B) getting C) is get D) get 3. Mary is ______ than me.   A) more tall B) tallest C) taller D) most tall 4. ______ phone is the same as cell phone.   A) Home B) Stable C) Office D) Mobile 5. Eraser is different ______ ruler.   A) by B) from C) other D) not 6. Sam is ______ than Jones.   A) youngest B) most young C) younger D) more young 7. Laptop is ______ than an eraser.   A) expensiver B) expensivest C) more expensive D) most expensive 8. A bicycle isn't as ______ as a car.   A) faster B) fast C) fastest D) most fast 9. I ______ he says the truth.   A) feeling B) feels C) feel D) am feel 10. What ______ you mean?   A) does B) is C) do D) are