Uzmanlar tarafından teker teker incelenmiş onaylı cevaplar, doğru ve güvenilir bilgileri içermektedir. Eodev içerisinde moderatörler tarafından kontrol edilmiş milyonlarca kaliteli cevap vardır ancak onaylanmış cevaplar mükemmel ötesidir.
I do not go to school at weekends.            
I don’t stay inside on a sunny day.              
You don’t know that guy.                        
You don’t understand me.
He does not want to stay here.
He doesn’t attend a language course.        
She doesn’t visit her family in October.        
She does not go to bed at ten o’clock.        
It doesn’t smell good on the street.          
It doesn’t matter anymore.  

I play tennis every day.                          
I learn English with my friends.                
You speak English very well.                            
You teach your cat tricks.                              
He catches the bus every morning.      
He goes to gym every day.                              
She loves to play piano.                            
She thinks he is very handsome.              
It usually rains every day here.                
It smells very delicious in the kitchen. 

Do I look ridiculous?                                      
Do I want to know you?                                    
Do I sound like your father?                          
Do you swim in the summer?        
Do you often go to the cinema?        
Do you often play with you dog?      
Does he wear school uniform?        
Does he have a lot of friends at school?    
Does he know your favourite movie?      
Does she eat a lot lately?          
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