When I was your age
FATHER: My son is here, come on !CHILDREN: Here you go , Dad!FATHER: How many times did this week in the exam ?CHILDREN: 25 I'm your father .FATHER: But how ! Just last week 21 id 's . How to fell one of four rows ? Lazy bastard .CHILD : What do I do , Dad? More new students came to class four . Thus, from 21th , I fell 25.lig . And you have no right to be mad at me .FATHER: Look to legless ! It's going to be lazy and I will not have the right to be mad at you , huh?BOY: Sure ... So perfect could not bring a child into the world . El realm so that the child is doing ! All super intelligence .FATHER: Look under my feet would take me to anger . I have stayed in class long rigmarole , stupid saptal talking.CHILD : Why are you mad at your dad ? What if we had stayed in the class ! Better yet!FATHER: Where it good ?CHILDREN: Continuous financial distress were talking about , think about getting new books for new classes you would have . Now it was not required. I will use the same books again .FATHER: Yah rationing bak.büt the course of the following one, one, one .... God's sake, no one even two . I hoot , how did you manage that?CHILDREN: All in one, sure , Dad?FATHER: A shamelessly pretends to be surprised . Shame, shame ! See with your own eyes you get a more rationed .CHILDREN: Allah, Allah ! Give us the following report . All one had to be ...FATHER: Look Good said . All of them should be the right one . Zero subject olmalıydı.b slept through the year ... An even more for you. When I was your age I was top of the class . All my notes on my report card "5 " , then " 5 " ....CHILDREN: Making Dad. This is not my report card . Yesterday I found this card in the attic . This is your report card . Whaaat ! My report card? Come on dear ... Now bakiiiml.aa ! Sahin or so ... So ... Şeeey . I was gonna say ! ..CHILD : Oh, look at all the notes that had five ha ... Here is my report card . Admit it , Dad, I 'm hardworking than you .

FATHER: Okay, okay, we understand , you want money . Let me tell you how ?CHILDREN: er ! I do not know what to say ! 500 is enough. But for now ...FATHER: What Is 400 ? 300 is not enough to what ? Take 100 to 200 ' bring back the reputation .CHILD : But, Dad ...