RAIN MAN (İngilizce Kitap Özeti) 
Super Teacher 
Kaynak: shazinem.com 


Charlie Babbitt was own of car company in Los Angeles.He had a girlfriend.His girlfriend was his secretary, Susanna.Charlie learnt his father died.But he hated his father.
His father hated him,too.He went to his father’s house.He lived in his father’s house for sixteen years.He had a secret friend when he was a child.His secret friend was Rain man.Their family lawyer read Sanford’s will.Sanford left his old car for Charlie but Sanford didn’t leave any money.Charlie wanted take his father’s money.Sanford had three million dollars.Sanford left his all money to other body but this body wasn’t using money.
This body was in Wallbrook home. Dr. Bruner would look after money. Charlie had a brother but he didn’t know before.He was Raymond.Raymond was an autistic.He was staying in Wallbrook Home.Sanford left his all money for Raymond.Raymond was seeing dangerous everywhere.He was always doing same things.Charlie took his brother from hospital.
Charlie took away Raymond to a hotel.Susanna left Charlie.Because Charlie brought his brother for money.Charlie had to go back to Los Angeles.Charlie and Raymond would go by plane but Raymond didn’t want to go by plane.They decided to go by car.Next evening they stopped at a hotel.Raymond remembered Charlie’s words.
Charlie was calling him “Rain Man”.Charlie understood Raymond was Rain Man.Charlie learnt to Raymond how to play cards.They went to Las Vegas to play card.They went to Golden Casino and Raymond won a lot of money.Susanna turn back to Charlie.
While they were coming,Raymond drove the car.Because the road was empty.Dr Bruner wanted Raymond to hospital. Because Raymond was still autistic.Charlie loved his brother.He didn’t want money.He wanted Raymond.Charlie promised to visit Raymond.Charlie said that Raymond could drive his father’s car.Raymond said that he was a good driver.