when I first saw him he was wearing a pink shirt. it was a sunny day and all of my friends were very happy while they were playing in the garden. But i didn't want to play. I'm very curious. While the bell was ringing my friends were running to the classroom. I waited a bit because i wanted to see him again. while he was coming out of the teacher's room he was smiling. I was ashamed when he looked at me. He smiled and asked my name. I was very excited while I was saying my name. He was my new english teacher and it was his first day in the school.

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The bank about drove me insane recently when they sent out new bank cards at the same time for two of my three accounts... It took me about a week to figure out which card went to which account because I kept forgetting or misplacing them and then the papers they came with got mixed up (my old cards are specially marked so I know which one is which). Then another week or so to get the first new one into my wallet and I still don't know where the second new one is! (Fortunately it's an account I don't use hardly ever.) Then I left my purse at home one day, so hubby gave me his card for that account...now I have three. Because I haven't gotten rid of the old one yet (in fact it is a good thing because I needed to use the code off the back on a website because the code on the new card wouldn't work for the new card number?

Anywho...nope you sure aren't the only one!!!! I usually end up finding it eventually (more often than not when looking for something else...lol), but if it something I really need "now" I often just order a new one.

Bunu yazabilirsin, banka kartıyla ilgili kötü bir anı.


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