1. Is ______ a good teacher?   A) she B) I C) you D) they 2. ______ you get up early?   A) Are B) Is C) Have D) Do 3. When ______ her lessons start?   A) do B) is C) has D) have 4. My Science teacher ______ us interesting facts.   A) tell B) tells C) telling D) is tell 5. How ______ hours do you watch TV in a day?   A) much B) does C) time D) many 6. Our cleaner ______ cook our meals.   A) doesn't B) isn't C) don't D) aren't 7. My teachers ______ in the teachers' room now.   A) is B) am C) does D) are 8. When ______ your brothers wake up?   A) does B) do C) is D) are 9. I go to pilates ______ a week.   A) one B) twice C) three D) fourth 10. What ______ does your counsellor come to?   A) much B) many C) time D) long
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