tamam dedktif dexter olsun suçlu amy zanlı willy, 

Dexter was happy because of going home early that day then his phone start ringing he pick it up; it was his chief;

-We need you on the jail

Dexter:Ok I'm on it

Dexter go to his car start the engineand ride to jail.When he gone there was many police officers he go to his chief and ask about what happened;

Dexter;What is going on?

Chief;He escaped...


Chief;She... she escaped...Amy escaped

   "Allright" sad  Dexter who is behind this? he thought

-"The adrees of Amy Waterson" sad the officer

-Thank you...

He read the adress in no time and go there...He jump over waal and go to door, knocked it

a scream come from inside then he break the door there was an old man on the floor bleeding....He pick him up take him to the hospital...

    The old man wake he saw Dexter next to him standing;

Old man;Who are you?

Dexter;My name is Dexter D. dedective innew york police department who are you?

Old man breathe to talk then his eyes gone down  Dexter understood that Amy is here and she done all those things to that oldm man when he look back he saw her Amy....He tried to take his gun but he left it in the hospital security...

Dexter;How are you Amy?

Amy;Fine how are you? When she finished her sentence a police officer knock her down and lift her up sad"Nice play" to Dexter 

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