Bathroom: You can shower with warm water. Do not go into the water until full healing wounds. Do not use excessively hot water.
Clothing: Comfortable and spacious Try to wear dresses.
Recreation: fast recovery for both exercise and relaxation that you need to balance. Rest of the activities. In the form of a rest, without nothing to sit for 20-30 minutes. Relax for 30 minutes after meals before exercise.
Walking: walking increases blood circulation in the whole body and heart muscle we can offer you the best form of exercise. Mesafelerinizi gradually increase daily walking. Every week, at 100 meters walking distance of 4-5 km per day by increasing try to leave at the end of 2 months. Please direct path walks. Stop and rest when you're tired. Very cold and very hot weather, do Walk in confined areas such as shopping centers. Avoid walking in windy weather.
Stairs: Stairs exit düzyolda you want to do more walking and often tiring for all patients. Exit stairs unless otherwise stated by your doctor. Do not forget to stop and rest tired. Do not force your arms for the first two months of operation, climbing stairs.
Sexual life: at least 1 month after the surgery as possible, rested, relaxed environment without forcing yourself to resume sexual activity
Get in the car: you can ride as a passenger in the car at any time. However, the time required to boil the breastbone, which should not be driving for 3 months after surgery. If you are going on a long road, do a 5-10 minute walk up and down every 2 hours out of the car.
Weight lifting: 3 months more than five kilograms of weight, lift, push or pull it. When operating in any one thing in particular, avoid keeping your breath while lifting or moving the toilet.
Study: The majority of patients 6-12 weeks after surgery hissederlerr themselves strong enough to work in light work. However, in patients undergoing cardiac surgery in our country, the report includes 3 months.
Smoking: Smoking is definitely leaving from the date of surgery and even bulunmuyorsunuz smoking environment.
Drink: On special occasions you can drink one glass of wine

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zamanı kendin eklersin

wake up (uyan)

have breakfast(kahvaltı yap)

take a shower(duş al)

Take a wolk(yürüyüşe çık)

go to school(okula git)

Come back home(eve geri gel(okuldan))

Have a dinner(Akşam yemeği ye)

Watch sitcom(Komedi dizisi izle)

Brush teeth(Dişlerini fırçala)

Go to bed(uyu)

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