East Slavs of Russia begins. Cyrillic Abecesi'nin information about the history of the Russians was invented before the year is less than 864. The 13th largest state in the first founded by the Russians in Kiev Knezliği undergoes century Mongol invasion destroyed. 14. Knezliği established in Moscow in the 16th century developed over time century Tsarist Russia has become. This Tsarist 18 century, the Russian Empire created even more strength.

Russia I. World War II, the Bolsheviks are not satisfied with savaşmaktayken monarchy by taking the masses of workers and peasants made the October Revolution in 1917. Since then, Russia has created a state structure based on socialism. Many states, including colonies of the former Russian Empire, the Soviet Union declared. II. World War II was followed by the Cold War years. Russia Warsaw Pact led by the Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, many state and took the lead in signing the Eastern Bloc. Western Bloc countries, established the NATO organization. However, the economic and military aspects behind the rest of the Western Bloc Eastern Bloc disintegrated 1990s. This was followed by disintegration of the Soviet Union itself. All Soviet republics declared their independence one by one. In December of 1991, the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic Russian Federation formed, becoming an independent country.

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Russia is a big country in asia it has a lot of population and it's very cold in winters there is usually snow and there is lot of mannequins of women

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