23 Nisan İngilizce
İngilizce 23 Nisan anlatımı


87. Of the opening of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey are celebrating the anniversary with pride and enthusiasm. Which is an important milestone in our history, April 23, 1920, the implied presence of the wake of the noble Turkish nation; captivity by breaking chains, seized his own destiny day symbolizes.

One of the most important factor in winning the War of Independence, decisive and historic step in the preparatory phase of the nation is thrown as a common voice. Great Ataturk, want to start with the liberation movement, but the nation has seen can be achieved. With the presence of the Independence War to protect our nation, the sovereignty of the Lausanne Treaty with Turkey Grand National Assembly, which provides, among parliaments in the world with this aspect has a privileged location.

Grand National Assembly of Turkey, “Sovereignty indifferent, unconditional nation” principle formed the basis of our democratic regime institutions, national sovereignty and the nation becomes a concrete representation of the will is the supreme organ.

Indifferent to the sovereignty, unconditionally belongs to the nation, this new form of government, the Republic of Turkey is bound by ties of citizenship to anyone who allows individuals and this was the responsibility of the install.

Our nation, our state and our democracy, our belief in preserving the Republic is based on the basic qualifications and Ataturk’s principles and adhering to the revolution, the reforms needed by performing, in the period ahead, happy, great and powerful a Turkey to create future generations against our historical responsibility.

Every society, children have to go, they are obliged to provide the best way to grow.

Our nation’s most valuable assets that our children, a good environment to grow and to continue their lives without any trouble and difficulties should be among our main objectives.

century world and our children not to remain behind to improve the living conditions first, they must acquire knowledge and skills required age.

Education, community and raised to the level of contemporary civilization is an indispensable basic activities. In every field, modern and universally adopted principles of the Turkish society between the developed and advanced countries where the basic condition of receiving, training and upgrading of the quality of common.Adults of the future as to the direction of the community will give our children and young people, democratic society in the way of life, as adopted, is respectful to law, rule abiding, open to innovations, the mind and away from bigotry, broad perspective, with the free thinking, problem-solving ability as high as people have to grow. To capture the level of contemporary civilization is the basic condition.

Great Ataturk, Turkey’s Grand National Assembly, which opened April 23 on the day the children as holiday gifts, while Turkey and the diligence of their children know the love of country, and they relied. “How happy Turkey who says” the footsteps of Mustafa Kemal and peace …