Ogmanay Festival ( Edinburgh's Hogmanay ) Location : Edinburgh, Scotland , United Kingdom
Being the world's biggest street party in the New Year in the new year, if you want to enter the music crazy in the streets taking note of your booking in advance ! Fireworks light up the town , where a unique visual feast with an audience that crowded the Princes Street fill fireworks and musical accompaniment entertained the new year celebrations , Edinburgh's cold winters night despite quite a lot of interest.
Edinburgh Castle is decorated with lights , navigate the streets of demonstrators dressed in traditional Scottish attire , which average 100,000 people every year attending that create the world's largest New Year's celebration of Hogmanay should join you one day .
Snow Festival in Grindelwald (Grindelwald International Snow Festival ) Location: Grindelwald , Bern, Switzerland
"Ice town called" Switzerland is one of the popular ski resort of Grindelwald in January each year is an enjoyable winter festival hosts . The town's huge profit international artists exhibiting their works freely from the thousands of people of all ages who can come to your mind all the snow activities ( sled races , ice, parties, concerts ) is doing . Town until melted snow acts as an open-air museum .
Carnival of Patras ( Patras Carnival ) Location: Patras, Greece
Cake and February since 1829 and celebrated with a tradition dating from the Venetian Carnival of Patras country is considered as one of the most important events . Before the bourgeois organized by the masquerade consists of the time, the number 40,000 finds a wide audience with the participation of street parades, contests and entertainment with a great activity turned at the carnival statue for the construction hoc technical schools are also available.
Main events , parades and celebrations prom -created , because of the war between the years 1940-1950 are given search . From 1951 re-launched the carnival activities, since it is organized by the Municipality of Patras . Today, more than 200 carnival groups of numbers , costumes , as well as the construction of the giant statue , variety shows, etc. of the organization . assuming a large portion of expenditures .
La Tamborrada Location: San Sebastian , Spain
Situated in the north of Spain, which is the pride of the city of San Sebastian and Tamborrada held every year on January 20 the festival , you may encounter one of the loudest festivals . Mayor of the old part of the city the night of January 19 , the " Parte Vieja " in Constitution Square in the city to send a flag and 24-hour towing starts with the constant drumbeat can be heard in the city . Create a school where more than 50 children's drumming band is also worth a visit .
Kiruna Snow Festival ( Kiruna Snow Festival ) Location: Kiruna, Sweden
Since 1985, the festival is celebrated without a doubt one of the most interesting things in the land of the Inuit " in Lapland " notorious happen under the northern lights . The festival for people of every age group of snow- related activities ( for show jumping , sled races , reindeer racing, winter fair) and entertainment offers .
Viking Fire Festival (Up - Helly-Aa ) Location: Shetland , Scotland , United Kingdom
" Up- Helly-Aa " is called and the last Tuesday of January every year , the festival celebrated the arrival of the Vikings 1000 years ago on the island , in the nature of a kind celebration of Norwegian heritage . Viking warriors " are guiza " s chief mark the festival which starts when the sun goes down full of thousands of people holding torches burning them to begin with . Folk festival, Viking helmets , sheepskins , is involved with axes and shields . Bands playing the drums , a Viking ship ride starts in the streets of the island . The silence of the drums and traditional songs after being told of a Viking ship lowered into the water from the town's square is ignited with burning torches . Ranked sinking of the ship and it fumes festival fireworks after the show is finished .
Nice Carnival ( Carnival de Roi de la Mediterranee in Nice ) Location: Nice , France