hi iam modamelis ı like one direction . they are singer and goods. they are hansome falan filan feşmekan :D:D:D:D:D:D:Dhaha çok ii


Hello ! I'm Directioner.I love One Direction.I can not get their signatures, but Directioner loves them so much! (Bu tamamen çevirinin icadı :D) They are singer.They are handsome and perfect.I'm crazy about 1D.They are very very very perfect.Zayn is Muslim and Bradboi !He has got brown eyes and black,yellow hair. Harry is handsome.He has got curly hair.Niall is very perfect and fun.He has got yellow hair and blue eyes.Louis is very funny.He has got green eyes and brown hair.Liam is perfect and very handsome.He has got brown eyes and hair.I like More Than This,Gotta Be You,Little Things,Kiss You,Rock Me,What Makes You Beautiful,I Wish,I Want and Moments...I have got Up All Night and Take Me Home !


Çeviriden çevir işte böle :D