Turkey under the age of 18 employed in heavy duty prohibited by applicable law, "said Shepherd corresponding child labor in the informal economy, which accounts for half of Turkey's economy spreads to run, he said.

Addressing poverty as a reason to run children of families have revealed a Shepherd "This is not an acceptable situation in any way," he says.

"At this point the duty of the state, the economic viability of the family bring up to standard. More importantly, the 8-year education really 'free of charge' to be."

Solution: "free education, the right of employment and supervision"

Shepherd of child labor in mines trade unions to blame for starting the mining business line.

"To know the rights of illegal miners or special efforts to organize trade unions and trade unions to be taken into account in the child labor must be yummamaları," said Çoban'a "according to the state for the prevention of child labor in Turkey, together with training facilities must meet all the requirements of the employment, the right way provide hand-and should not leave do control

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