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Our ancestors fought the war of liberation with heart and soul. without them we could have come around here. We owe them our lives. can not pay for the rights. their sentences in their indescribable




I. After World War II period: the entry into force of the Armistice Armistice October 30, 1918, Mustafa Kemal Pasha, 9 The army was on his way to Anatolia as inspector is May 19th 1919
Organising period: the launch of Samsun, Mustafa Kemal, opened April 23, 1920 is the Grand National Assembly in Ankara.
Providing the period of dominance: 23 April 1920, London began in March 1922, is the second phase of the Peace Conference. [21]
Peace in period: March 1922, the Republic was proclaimed 1923 is October 29.