in 1905 he graduated from the General staff, he became a captain in Harbiye. Beirut and by doing an internship in Thessaloniki was progressing up arms (1907). Anglo-Italian before the war, he served as ataşemiliter in Rome (1908-1911). During the Balkan war, the Corps Was Corps Warfare during the Balkan War Was President in his capacity as a result of Defense showed a useful Ioannina district governorship (Lieutenant Colonel). Due to the success of the first world war Commander in the Maddy (Colonel) (1915) and mirlivalığa (Brigadier General) promoted and commissioned (1916) 20. He was appointed the Commander of the Corps. in 1918 he moved to Konya Ereğlisi reinforcing of the Corps. Amasya Circular joined as signatories to the. The 336th Infantry Division, came to Ankara later Greek forces in Western Anatolia, and the progress of establishing the first gang to challenge his troops across the front contributed to creation. Sivas Congress adopted the policy in the light of the public was brought to the Commander of the Sultanate. For a time on the Western front, including the forces of Kaylee Ewers in gangs and started regular units create new command. Instead of İsmet Pasha atanınca was sent as Ambassador to Moscow with extraordinary powers himself (1920). Lenin and Stalin in Moscow as a result of his talks with the national liberation war was instrumental in providing weapons and funds. On his return to his homeland from Konya to the Grand National Assembly elected the second r (1922) and remained in this position for a long time. The acquisition of the national war of independence and after the proclamation of the Republic with the rank of major General to want to work with in the army during World War II. The army was assigned to Müfettişliğine. in 1924, he left the army and went to Parliament from Konya. Among the founders of the progressive Republican Party (November 17, 1924) was the first Secretary General of the sects. Progressive Republican party, due to the confusion engendered by the Sheikh Uprising restraints Ankara Independence Court closed Chambers, to participate in an assassination attempt against Ataturk's crime was arrested in İstanbul İzmir Independence Court was tried, but it was cleared with Kazim Karabekir. During this period, he stayed out of politics. in 1931 he entered the Parliament by selecting from the Deputy of Eskişehir. 1935-1939 between spot and April 1939-the Ministry of public works (public works) between March 1943. Münakalat (transportation) Department (March 9, 1943 – July 5, 1946), President of the Parliament (January-November 1948). The Democratic Party's Istanbul Deputy during his reign, he was elected from this time DP (1950). in 1957, he was elected independent member of Parliament from İstanbul. withdrawing from politics after 1960 he spent writing his memories: memories of national struggle (1953), Moscow 1920 (1955), Political Memories (2 vols., 1957-1960) and classmate of Atatürk (1967).