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Acun Ilıcalının his wife, Jane Ilıcalı
Date of Birth: 1972
Place of Birth: Erzurum
Turkish television producer and presenter began his sports journalism profession
Private Life
Family Ilica ilçesindendir Erzurum. Independence Elementary School, studied at primary and secondary Edirne. College of Education and Kadıköy Anatolian High School and graduated from Gazi University won the English Öğretmenliği'ni. However, bitirmeyip school, televizyonculuğu chose.
Leyla children with his wife Jane and Jasmine Ilıcalının Acun Ilıcalı
2 19-year-old's first marriage Banu Layla and Jasmine has 3 daughters in marriage to their names. Acun ılıcalı'nın Ilıcalı'dır his wife Jane.
Lost his parents at the age of 21 following a traffic accident. He made a serious motorcycle accident. Getting rid of their seriously injured his friend died.
In 1995, trade was thrown open a jeans shop,. Acuna met through a friend Ilker Yasin'le, football knowledge, he succeeded to impress her was hired to be tested. Muhabiriyken Besiktas star footballer, he succeeded to intimate interviews and flashed. Later, the team was transferred to Büyüka'nın Şansal.
Televole'nin sports magazine in the years to offer this program and this section within a chapter of its own in the world, began to circulate. Later in this section through a separate program in 2002, with the name of Acun Run, presented. In this context, visited 105 countries. Touch me and help yeralıp kadrasonda hosted the Big Brother program. Acun Media's production company founded in 2005. Fear Factor, Survivor Turkey, Greece, Survivor Lions-Canaries, Deal or No Deal and Talent programs, producer, jury and the server. Also offered by Ugur Dundar Or you can tell Tell me dreaming and programs offered by Uygur Behzat productions performed by Ilıcalı Acun.
Particularly in universities in Turkey, Anatolia is stand-up comedy. Stand-up what happened during his professional life to the audience in a comical way transfers

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