BölgeKaradenizİlTrabzon 283 233 İliNüfusmerkez the central villages, 68 284 (2000)
nüfusu979.081 region (2000 official); 990 901 (2006) Yüzölçümü4.685 km ² Population Yoğunluğu20.449 / km ² Rakım20 mKoordinat41 ° 2 '60N 39 ° 43' 37EPosta kodu61xxTelefon Kodu0462Plaka Okutan Kodu61ValiNuri


The Black Sea region, located at the eastern Black Sea city of Trabzon is located at the rear of the Black Sea coast and the largest city in the mountains Zigana yüzüölçümü less in terms of population and economy, but in terms of the finish of the Black Sea Samsun 2 largest city. Eynesil due west of the town of Giresun, south of the town of Gümüşhaneye Torul connected, connected to the east of Rize İkizdere and towns of Tetovo, north of the Black Sea and surrounded by the existence has been known from ancient times is the name of the province and the city.

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Aydın is in the Aegean Region . It is in the west of Turkey . It is warm in winter and hot in summer. There are a lot of fruit trees and plants in Aydın.

Rize is a rainy city . There are a lot of tea plants here. Rize is in the Black Sea Region.Ayder Plateau is in this region, too.Ayder Plateau is cool in summer.

İstanbul is in the Marmara Region.It is a very big city. It is fascinating. There are a lot of important places in İstanbul. There are some islands in the Marmara Sea . Bozcaada and Gökçeada are beautiful islands.

Kayseri is in the Central Anatolia Region.Mount Erciyes is in the region.There is a lot of snow on               this mountain.Kayseri is cold in winter.

This is Şanlıurfa.It is an old city . It is in the South Eastern Anatolia Region . Harran Plain is in this region and it is very hot in summer.

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