Internet may have seemed like an important source of information but it has changed. The internet is dragging us into it, making us get addictive to itself as we continue using it. The most obvious disadvantage is the mood. As you get addicted, you get more and more aggressive. This affects our family and social life. Also, you tend to get more and more alone, gaining a depressive personality. Another thing is health problems. The readiation that comes from the electronical devices while using the internet causes health problems which may lead to major health problems such as cancer afterwards. The minor health problems are head-ache, stomach-ache and so on. This addiction changes our personality, turning us into someone we don't even now, like a monster. We should control ourselves in order not to get dragged into this mind-controlling internet. We should use its advantages but also be careful not to get the disadvantages.


İnşallah yardım olmuştur. :)

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