The Anti-bully Squad
Rick Sampedro
Copyright Helbling Languages 2012.
Before Reading Activities
Page 7
1 a) 2, b) 1
2 Bullying: hitting, spitting, pushing
Friendship: listening, sharing, helping, playing
Page 8
1 a) 2, b) 4, c) 3, d) 1
Page 9
2 a) T, b) F, c) T, d) F, e) T, f) F, g) F
Page 10
1 1 b), 2 c), 3 d), 4 g), 5 a), 6 e), 7 b), 8 f)
2 a) dreadlocks, b) locker, c) jerseys, d) ponytail, e) stitches, f) pitch, g) cloakroom, h) shed
Page 11
3 a) Because of the new arrival of the bullies.
b) The bullies hurt someone. 
c) The bullies: Brian and Mark.
4 a) He is locked in a shed. He has his bike set on fire and has to go to hospital.
b) They are told about the shed incident and the fire and then they take the bullies to the police station for 
c) Yes.
The Anti-Bully Squad
Page 14
Brian and Mark.
Page 18
Fight the bullies or be friends with Tara.
ViolencePage 22
Stop the bullies without violence.
Red jerseys
Page 26
Because they only have one each.
Page 28
The bleach on the football jerseys.
Page 33
Put bleach on their football jerseys.
The Anti-bully Squad and their football team.
Because the ABS is protecting the bullies’ victims.
Page 35
They have end of year exams.
Page 41
Fear of small dark places.
Page 44
He knew he must, to help him and for his parents.
Page 48
The fuel cans are going to catch fire.
Page 50
Mrs Bonnet and the firemen.
The plan
Page 52
Lots, at least 20.
The match
Page 55
Because of the plan, Facebook and mobile phones.
After Reading Activities
Pages 62-63
1 a) F, b) F, c) T, d) F, e) F, f) T, g) T, h) F, i) T, j) F, k) T, l) T, m) F, n) F2 a) He is from England.
b) They love football.
d) Jamaica.
e) It was crucial to get into the semi finals.
h) They didn’t take anything.
j) They reported it to the police.
m) Everyone took part.
n) The police caught them and took them away for questioning.
4 a) 2, b) 1, c) 3, d) 2, e) 1, f) 3, g) 3