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Atatürk as a statement

Atatürk was a peerless leader who secured national unity during a national struggle, a legendary commander in the battlefields, a great statesman, and a powerful reformist who changed the appearance of a nation. There is no doubt that he with all his qualities, is one of the greatest men known in the history of humanity . Historians of the world and philosophers agree without hesitation that he had the virtues of heroism and immense humanity at the utmost levels. His obvious superiorities in various perspectives, when compared to well-known personalities of history, are remarkable. Being both a man a of idea and a man of action is his superiority over all other geniuses. He was a leader who merged ideas and action in his personality. Kemalism, which forms the core of his opinions and ideas, is a rational philosophy of life freed from any dogmatic element. This realistic philosophy, which stems from the realities of the land and accepts the guidance of logic and science in case of problems, is the essence of both the Turkish Wa

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