How much is this book ? 

cevap : Its 5.60 $


How much are there rules ? 

cevap : They're 1.50 $



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En İyi Cevap!


-Mom, I'm hungry. What did you cook for the dinner?

-Well, i cooked some soup and some rice. I will fill you a bowl of soup for you.

-No, mom. I prefer rice.

-Oh, so you don't prefer drinking soup. Do you prefer drinking tea or orange juice with the meal?

-Hmm, I prefer drinking orange juice.




-Ok, we need 2 kgs of tomato, 1 kgs of potato, 0,5 kgs of cucumber for the meal and some snacks to eat while watching the film.

-I've just bought some french fries and some potato chips. Do we need some coke and soda, too?

-Hmm, that's a good idea. Let's buy some coke and soda.

-Ok. I will buy those while you are buying the groceries.

-Ok. I think we bought everything now.

-I think so. Oh, wait! I almost forgot that we need to buy some apple.

-Right. Go buy some apple. I will wait for you in the cashier line.

-Ok. I will try to be fast.


Umarım yardımcı olmuştur. :)

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