I'm interested in medical sicience so in 5 years, I see myself studying medicine. I also want to play the guitar. I want to become a professional guitar player. I want to finish the high school with a great degree. I hope I can have a boyfriend/girlfriend. I will raise a reasonable amount of money for the animal charities. I will build a house for the street dogs so that that will have a warm house like us. They won't live in tiny cages. They will live in huge rooms. They will have everything they need in the house and they will be able to go outside if they want. I believe that the books are a great source of knowledge so I will read at least 100 books in the following 5 years. I believe that I'm talented at writing. I want to write a action novel about mythology. Maybe this will help me become a famous author. I have good hopes for the future.


Aklıma gelenler bunlar. Umarım yardımcı olmuşumdur. :)

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