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Sarah Harland is nineteen years old. She is in prison.
On a day a woman is in front of the prison. She is called Anna, the mother of Sarah. She is an English woman, about fifty years old. She knocked on the door. Nothing happened. Then a window in the door is opened and someone looked at her. Anna says:” I want to see my daughter." “What’s her name.” said the man. Anna says:” Her name is Sarah Harland. It’s important.” The man opens after the door twenty minutes and says:” you have ten minutes.” “Mother, I’m very happy to see you.” says Sarah. Her mother asks her what happened. Sarah says that it isn’t true and that her mother must believe her. Anna says that she will believe her. She asks:” What has happened. Tell me and begin at the beginning." Sarah doesn’t understand. Anna says:” Why did the police arrest you? When did they bring you to the prison?” Sarah says that it was last week on the airport, when they arrived. They found heroine (white dead is an other name) in three tubes of toothpaste. Her mother asks about Stephen, Sarah’s old boyfriend. Sarah says that is wasn’t Stephen who was with her, and that she left him two months ago. It was Hassan she says. And Hassan is in the prison too, but he knows nothing about the drugs either. But Stephen was in the plane too. When the ten minutes where over, the man who looked at them says that she most go to the court tomorrow.