En İyi Cevap!

Fahir journalists in 961 Taner, Turkish President Mehmet Serres Center, Public Education Director, Director of Technical Agriculture transparent and Cemal Bey was launched under the leadership of the Rock in Cherry Tekirdag.

Made regent of the village in the village of Cherry Rock in the first set, and the decor was used as kavaklığı and plane trees. Here, the teams took part in the Turkish Quarry thin reeds and National Games. Gelveli caravan of carts decorated with buffalo kullanıldı.İkinci Palooza Festival 1962 Cherry was still Naip'te. Revel in 1963, the festival has become. Caravan Festival after alley of the folk dance team from Istanbul Tekirdağlının with the participation of 17 thousand was Namik Kemal Stadium. Ticket prices were 1 Lira.

The second year, the National Federation of Immigrant Refugee Gaming Teams, Namik Kemal Regional Theatre, Monopoly Wine Factory, Istanbul, Namik Kemal Stadium were again the press and all Tekirdağlılar. Ticket prices was 2.5 lira. 10 thousand people watched the festival .. Cherry Festival, Tekirdag Municipality, Education, Public Education, the Association of Turkish Tourism and Information Center, Tekirdag, Namik Kemal Association and the participation of all Tekirdağlıların reached today. Continues to be repeated every year up until the present day.

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