To protect the environment, at least some precautions have to be done individually. A few precautions to ensure our future by showing a little self-sacrifice is as follows:

Garbage, trash bag are tightly connected to the trash and then should be discarded.
Forests must be protected.
Not damage the trees.
Flames on the grass.
Harm to animals should be avoided.
Kirletilmemelidir Seas.
Domestic animals must be cleaned waste.
Sahiplenmeli our environment, children should be taught the value and importance of the elders explained.
Energy savings should be made.
Depleted batteries must be disposed of battery box.
Garbage left after the fire extinguished, and never place the picnic.
Paper, tin, glass, batteries must be disposed of as recyclable materials recycling bins.

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must not litter the environment. warn those who harm the environment.

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