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Text Utilities, said in a statement on the successful performance of the evening from work into the night to prepare challenging until you get to the place on the Sakarya Caddesi, when expressing shared the secret of his success in the following words: "From the first phone I've instilled who constantly text, today is your birthday, you you were born on another day. fact, you were not born at all, the fact that the text does not exist. odaklanınca this idea at some point enough people really are starting to believe. exercises for a while, do not be surprised when you have made to myself in the mirror, toilet, office, success, and human resources mail alert arrived at spontaneously. .. "

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The restaurant is really nice, the service and the food is really good! There was a small birthday party there (my husband and my father turned 30 law 60), and had cocktails and pre-order a birthday cake. Everything was great, the staff brought the cake singing "happy birthday" and had candles and everything ... And a big cake! :)

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