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  • Eodev Kullanıcısı

My school day twenty minutes past twelve begins. I'm doing my breakfast before school clothes to wear. For me to walk a little bit away from the school that I go to school in the school workshop. At twelve o'clock, I come to school. We are processing your pazertesi and Wednesdays 8 courses so I have to get out now. Monday and Wednesday would be too boring for me because the last two periods is a block course there is a canteen yapamıyoruz.. For lunch, eat toast, fruit juice drink. Days of Wednesday chemistry, English, geometry, literature has lessons. English, geometry, chemistry lesson, but I do not really like, and literature courses. One of your favorite lessons are in English. I love to study. My teachers treat me well. I love homework. Sometimes, listening to music will rest. I do chat with my friends on the internet. Here is my school day goes like this




I woke up in the morning. I had breakfast and brushed my teeth. Then I went to school. Course processed. Class is over and I'm home. Courses tried. Then I slept. 


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