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♣ 13. Friday: Norse mythology 12 praise 13. It is believed to bring bad fortune to the people of God with evil. ♣ 2-legged steps on a triangle. Some Hıristiyanlarca to pass under the Holy trilogy is believed to be corrupt. He is said to have entered into a deal with the devil in the Holy trilogy was broken and bad luck. ♣ In Ancient Egypt Goddess Bast is portrayed as a black cat. Hıristiyanlarca other religions would have bad luck and all kinds of objects evoking religion took off against the black cats will be tanrıyla which could damage the religion separate by a objeydi.Cadılıkla suçlanıp cezalandırılmıştı a period of even the cats women at the time of the courts of the Inquisition. ♣ Öttüğünde a Nearby OWL is believed to bring death in there 3 times the Holocene. ♣ Havlaması a dog inside the House when there is nothing in the middle of one of the hastalanacağına at home. In the case of overlapping blades at the table, so household ♣ in conflict at the table believed that house fight standing blades. The reason and basis, though it is at home that's broken mirror ♣ 7 years şansızlık is believed to bring good. We stopped over for no reason is the death of the mirror broken to bring ... ♣ In many societies as a superstition is believed to bring bad luck to open an umbrella inside the House. ♣ 1 before May brings bad luck to bring home flowers plucked from the tree. In exchange for nothing more than To give the glove without getting bad ♣ chance.
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