(current, electric, humorous, modern, public, special, dull,gripping, live, popular, redable, still)

yukarıdaki kelimeleri aşağıdaki cümlelere uygun bir şekilde yerleştirir misin

1-No recording can be as good as a ----------concert in my opinion.

2-ıt was a very----------story and made me laugh a lot.

3-I couldn't put that book down,it had such a -------------plot.

4-Most people find it difficult to understand ---------------art.

5-My favourite television programmes are about----------- asffairs.

6-of course it's possible to like both classical and --------------------music.

7-everyone enjoyed the ----------------- effects in the star wars films.

8-I dont buy books because there's good ------------------ library nearby.

9-we both found it a very------------------ film I'm afraid.

10-George doesnt paint people but mainly does------------ life paintings.

11-it was an interesting book,and very------------ .

12-unfortunately the boy upstairs is learning the ------------------- guitar.




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