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Sally was my deskmate two years ago.
Kelly was at the cinema last weekend.
My parents were in Antalya last summer.
I was at the seaside two hours ago.
He was bored yesterday afternoon.
I wasn't play football yesterday.
They weren't give party a week ago.
Carl and Sweet weren't eat soup a hour ago.

My mother wasn't prepare cake thirty minutes ago.
She wasn't watch television yesterday.
Was Tom ill yesterday morning?
Were you at the party last night?
Where were they yesterday?
Was she happy two minutes ago?
When was Heidi at the bus?

Bi teşekkür edersin emek var 2 puana çalışıyoruz ders oluyo banada :D

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En İyi Cevap!

was için 

 ı was born here 

ı was at home

ı was 20 years old.

ıt was a slow car

he was a fast drıver

she was single

 was ın berlin

were için 

you were at the cinema

you were ill(ill = hasta)

they were generous

they are careful

you were late

we were happy

we were tired

they were sad

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