I had a dream one night.I was in a space. everywhere was white. I tried to understand what happened. At that moment I heard a voice. This sounds to me "password that will solve the problem and you can not get rid of said I password, how I will solve. This is what password I asked. O you too in different places I'll send if these places get rid of the out reach you if a word will be given these words at the memory you keep a sentence that would result. This is your salvation will . If the 4 days in the sentence can not find you in a fire at will said. Then myself in a forest I found. It was terrible. Surrounding the strange sounds were coming. Path How I would find. began to walk. a club I have seen and cottage I entered. was empty. some rest and I tell me that what I thought. I started to run out of the hut. I saw a tree, but this tree was very different. branches of this tree showed 2 different ways. select one of the road was moving. I was scared on the road too.I saw a sign at the end of the road. I have read that word in the signage. "" Thumbs up! I had found the right path. Again I heard a voice "You have succeeded elsewhere, but there are also waiting for you" sound off at the time I found myself in a place covered with snow. My clothes had changed.

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İngilizcesi..........I had a dream one ligh.My monster space solve.I am agry . monster my come is the was dropping the wos cperade.My teacher is the silly.My teacher and my teacher sister face to face . My teacher is the silly party. there are ff at the time I found myself in a place covered with snow. My clothes had changed. Cleare my teacher very very silly. Teacher is the fermeless.
Türkçe.................bir gece rüya görüyordum.rüyamda büyük bir canavarla karsılastım.canavar bana doğru yaklastı.cok korktum ama kacmayı basardım.canavar bana zarar veremedi.ardından birden baska canavar cıktı . öbür canavar arkadan gelirkene diğeri önden geliyordu.2 canavarda beni tam tutacakken alarm caldı ve uyandım

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