Walking under a ladder will bring bad luck If a person breaks a mirror, he will have bad luck for seven years or somebody in his family will die. To prevent this, pieces of the broken mirror should be buried immediately. If a black cat passes in front of you, it will bring bad luck. If someone hands a cutting utensil, like a knife or scissors, directly to someone, they will fight. To prevent a fight, the giver should put the utensil on the ground, a table, desk or chair, so the receiver can pick it up. You should get out of the bed from the right side so that your day starts well. You should enter your house with your right foot so you will have happiness in your house. A shop owner enters his establishment with his right foot so he’ll get good business. You should not cut your nails at night. Turkish people believe that you will shorten your life for shortening your nails at night. You shouldn’t whistle at night because it brings evil. You shouldn’t sweep your house at night. Sweeping at night brings poverty to the house. Washing clothes on Saturday brings bad luck. If a woman with a headache enters a mosque and sweeps it with her scarf, her headache will go away.  

if there are a lot of quinches it will be very cold in winter

if yyou see ablack cat it will bring bad luck

if you put a horseshoe outside your house it will bring good luck

if you walk under a ladder it will bring bad luck

if you jump a baby it will be short

if you break a mirror it will bring bad luck

if you open an umbrella indoors it will bring bad luck

if your right hand itchess you will get a lot of money

if you find a four leaf clover it will bring good luck

if someone takes the knife from your hand it will bring bad luck

if you get up on the left side of the bed you will have a bad day

umarım yardımcı olur :D