Accepted the authority of the German cosmetics giant Babor cosmetics in the world, dr. Was founded in 1956 by Michael Babor. As a result of scientific research, human nature is completely concordant Babor products are created with natural materials, for over 50 years, natural, skin-compatible and highly effective skin care products is called.

Babor source of beauty in nature, the principle is the secret of all products using natural active ingredients targeted. Babor'un, produced for women and men face and body (SPA), as well as care products, makeup camouflage make-up products, in terms of body perfume, a full range of solar products, decorative products are so rich.

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Babor source of beauty in nature, the principle is the secret of all products using naturalactive ingredients targeted. Babor'un, produced for women and men face and body (SPA), as well as care products, makeup camouflage make-up products, in terms of bodyperfume, a full range of solar products, decorative products are so rich.