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Here I am

Here is my song for my protection
A song of love, respect and security
Here I am - let’s get in action
Let´s live in peace and dignity

What’s behind a shining face?
How do you describe a smiling face?
What is wrong? What is right?
There is one answer: Love is the key!

Here I am - with a right for shelter,
and a right for care
Here I am - I’ve got the right for shelter and the right for love
Here I am - do you know how I feel,
and do you see what I see?
Here I am - and I want to take part -
to make all of this real
Here I am - yes I am
Here I am - Here I am
Here I am - Here I am

You respect me. Respect my body and my soul,
respect my point of view
I respect you. I rely on you and believe in love
Don’t live in anger. ’Cause together we can make it,

create a safe place
Let’s take action full of courage, heal a broken heart
with love
Our life’s a gift from high above
Here I am - with a right for love (4x)

Can you see, can you feel, can you know how I feel?
Well, I need to be safe, don’t you look away
I take care of myself, of my sisters and brothers
Treating you good, let’s put sun on ice
And when I cannot safe myself, yes I know - someone
will be there
Warmth, shelter, love, and care,
no one should have to despair
Here I am - with a right for love (6x)



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