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Enjoy unforgettable winter memories at the 'Taebaeksan Mountain Snow Festival'.

Frolic in the fantastic world of white snow at Taebaesan Mountain! Danggol Square of Taebaeksan Provincial Park, the festival’s main venue, will hold a snow sculpture exhibition for visitors to enjoy ice sculptures and a range of other winter-themed artwork from home and abroad. 

There are also be a wide variety of amusement facilities such as a snow tunnel, slide and rafting area as well as snow and ice sculptures. Around Hwangji Pond, visitors may enjoy the light & ice festival along with the beautiful world of lights created by Luminaries and the shining stars in the sky. 

A number of other interactive programs such as a snow sculpture competition for university students, Dr. Fish foot bath, snow sledding, dog sled rides and other fun games will be held during the festival period. The festival full of fun and excitement will be the best winter destination providing worthwhile memories for adults dreams of happiness for kids. Visit the Taebaeksan Mt. snow festival for an exciting winter with friends and family.