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Examine drugs and drug components, but they also try to explain the science of interaction. Physics is often engaged in non-living beings, but it is a science that helps a lot of time in the branch of science dealing organisms referred to olaraktan.

Terms from the greek word meaning'' Nature'' Physics. For this reason, until recently, the philosophy of physics'' Nature'' bakılıştır eyes. Astronomy, Chemistry, Biology, Geology, ..... etc. even though they are also a natural science, physics, the most basic natural science and natural science at the same time it is the fact that the most important helpers. The other hand, Medicine, Engineering, ... etc. form the basis of some of the most used and applied sciences, such as physics, not considered to be at first glance, nothing to do with archeology, psychology, history ... etc. an important aid in the fields. However, in terms of the physics of the near, or even primarily the science physics chemistry nested.

So almost all the sciences, the development of physics and a lot of them about helping cooperates. Physics certainly benefit from this co-operation and development. Mathematics is the closest assistant of physics. Mathematics is the language of science, physics briefly.

Basic Physics is the science of nature, the secrets of the universe, matter of physics, trying to explain the structure and interactions between them are mainly two methods; these observation and experiment. Of natural phenomena has been the development of the various branches of physics as a result of the interaction of various sense organs. For this reason, evokes the sense of sight with light, which is a branch of physics, optics developed. In the same way hearing acoustics, thermodynamics with a sense of warm and cold ... etc. çıkmıştır.Bunların of physics topics, as well as the sense organs directly affect the arms as elektromagnetima developed. Physics 19 spent by the end of the century, although the mechanical stages, based on his stage is also divided into classical physics Physics topics examined independently of each other. 20. different than the rules of classical physics since the beginning of the century, but it makes much more sense, and excellent results have been obtained. This type of event models describing the physics of the arms collected under the name of Modern Physics. Physical training in classical physics begins today with results that are very close to reality.