Sister sheriff's Who?

In the front ranks of those who issued a weapon, the War of Independence Inebolu transportation of arms and ammunition in Ankara on Kastamonu the superhuman efforts of men and women become older, made history.

One of our females carrying the ammunition that date Seydilerliİnebolu'dan Kastamonu, Kastamonu Martyr Bacı'dır sheriff. Sister sheriff back in December of 1921, dominated by the harsh winter conditions of the child in front of the kağnısı come to the front of the barracks, ammunition, and for the sake of protecting the child has been killed by freezing.

Kastamonu Inebolu coast cobblestone-paved path in the park starting at the Statue of Sister Martyr is the sheriff. The memorial plaque "This monument to the memory of the War of Independence of the Republic of martyrs Bacı'nın sheriff to tell their children was donated by the Gendarmerie General Commander Gen. Aytac Yalman. December 4, 2001" is written. Sister Martyr name of the sheriff in Kastamonu Seydiler'de, Inebolu represent the heroes of the War of Independence women.

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The Story of Sister sheriff with Ottoman Women

Inebolu by sea in 1921, the ammunition, the land is supposed to reach the soldiers who fought at the front. Aged men and women undertook this task environment. In February of 1921, cold, storm and çıkarıldı.Kağnı a day and hit the road early in the Inebolu ammunition convoy loaded cars at the end of the back with the sheriff Sister, this time the child had been inflicted.
Satish Seydiler'in convoy from the village sheriff Sister watching its destination as soon as possible with them to deliver ammunition, little effort is worth noting ediyordu.Hava kararmıştı.Kar thoroughly., A typical child's quilt thoroughly with ammunition covered kağnıdaki dönüştü.Şerife Sister. A child hiding between rounds on the closed containers. Type it up fazlalaşmıştı that are not progress. Stop death. Ammunition, waiting for the soldiers at the front. Sister sheriff's hand, foot started to feel numb. Constantly trying to move forward. Kastamonu arrived in front of the frozen barracks.
Listed in Kastamonu in the morning at the barracks gate, tower guards, tawny and white in darkness have seen a vague oxcart. Who was coming, and when it was lodged in the land? Informed immediately of the Osman Bey, Rifat sergeants sent Devrekanili Cemil and Besiktas. Cemil reached him and trembled in horror Kağnının Rifat Sgt. There was a woman behind Kağnının. A young woman. Like to cuddle quilt top was covered ammunition. But it has already been cut frozen stiff.

They put on snow hugged. Meanwhile, a sound, a grunt. Could not believe his ears. Audio and wheezing coming from under the covers. Just lifted the quilt. There is a swaddling baby boy. The woman took the baby and the barracks. Have been determined and sent to the identity of the young woman buried here verildi.Bebek Seydiler'e the village (girl) was sent to a house near the barracks.

In the 1970s, as a result of research conducted on the girl Eskişehir province of residence
Although he could not be reached to obtain information. Today, the burial place of martyrdom Baci sheriff could not be identified even though he Seydiler'lilerin and lies in the hearts of all the Turkish people. Sister Martyr sheriff, National Defence semboldür.Seydiler representing Turkish woman with a bullet People living with his mother unutmayıp this hero of the Turkish Republic, in front of the town hall 50.yılında relief of the mother of the year in our country in yaptırdılar.1984 Seydiler seçildi.Aynı year, the library opened in the sheriff Sister Martyr Public Library was given the name

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