Write sentences with comparative and superlatıve...

write sentences with comparative and superlatıve adjectives.

1.the black armchaır/less comfortable/ın the living room


2.the kıtchen/busy/room in our house


3.evan's hobby/interesting'/pete's


4.the lamp/not more expensıve/thıng ın my bedroom


5.sally/nice/girl ıknow


6.my top scorein this game/good/yours


cvbımı almak istiyorum almazsam sileim




4-The lamp isn't more expensıve thıngs ın my bedroom


1 5 1

1-the black armchair is less comfortable than the other chair in living room.

2-the kitchen is the most busiest room in our house.

3-evan's hobby is more interesting than pete's

4-the lamp isn't the most expensive thing in my bedroom.

5-sally is the nicest girl i have ever known

6- my top score in this game is better than yours.

1 5 1