1-he had to use my computer because (his/him)was out of order.

2-have you got (your/yours) dictionary with you.

3-Why don't they use(their/them) mobile phones.

4-they are married and this flat is (their/theirs).

5-he should be more respectful to (him/his) customers.

6-jane fell of a high place and broke (hers/her)legs

7-crocedile is a reptile and (it/its) tail is average in leght

8-this is (our/ours) last lesson for this semester

9-that parking place is not for the students.ıt is (our/ours)

10-they have to keep(their/theirs) room clean

1-my mother and ı bought some things at the store.the store will deliver them to (we/us)

2-ı baked a cake for grandma shirley .I couldn't wait untiil sunday to give it to(she/her)

3-uncle joe is coming to visit in december.(he/him)will stay in our guest room

4-our family is taking a trip to the grand cayon.Our neighbor is going to watch our house for (we/us)

5-andrew and his sister will arrive on the next plane.ı am goign to pick (they/them) up

6-studying for school is important to vanessa .(she/her)wants to get goot grades this year.

7-the television and the stereo were not working correctly .My dad asked the man to repair (they/them)

8-my brother planted a beautiful apricot tree in (our/ours) fr0ont yard.

9-annalisa fnished (her/hers) homework early but julissa did not do (her/hers) until later.

10-the little boy who lives next door played with (him/his) toys.

11-angela likes to wear(her/hers) hair long while peggy prefers to wear (her/hers) short




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1 his 2 your 3 their 4 theirs 5 his 6 her 7 its 8 our 9 ours 10 their


1 us 2 her 3he 4 us 5them 6 she 7 them 8 our 9 her /hers 10 his 11 her / her


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