Hi Şebnem Ferah, i want to interview about rock music
- of course, with pleasure.


that will be a classical question when you started to interest in music ?
- i started to study mandolin and solfege about 5 years old


what was the name of the your first album ?
- at 15 november 1996 it is called "kadın" my first videoclip is "vazgeçtim dünyadan"


how many albums have you done ? 
- 6 albums i have don. There are 55-60 songs in them


what is your favourite album and song in yours ?
- i love every album of me but to sing "artık kısa cümleler kuruyorum" is makes me happy


do you think to play any kind of music different from Rock ? 
- i love rock music but i can play different kinds in the future...


Who did you featured with ? 
Müzeyyen Senar (Sarı Kurdelem Sarı) , Polad Bülbüloğlu (Gel Ey Seher) , Kargo (Kalamış Parkı) , 
Teoman (iki yabancı,en güzel hikayem ) , ,İlgi Özdikmenli (yağmur), Sezen Aksu (Ünzile), Ogün Sanlısoy (Bir Ben).
Haluk Levent (Anlasana),Apocalyptica (Perdeler) , Bülent Ortaçgil (Değirmenler), ).Çilekeş (Pervazda Tatil)


which instruments do you play ?
- Acoustic harp, guitar, harmonica , mandolin , keyboard


Do you think rock music attracks attention in turkey ?
- Youth love rock music but it is not enough i think. In other countries it attracks a lot.


how do you spend you time except music ?
- I have nuclear friendhood and family. I love to spend time with them...I can spend good time when i am alone, so sometimes i love to be lonely. My favourite activite to do is to journey


thanks a lot for the interview Şebnem Ferah. We want to see you on the top of music ranks 
- thanks for the wish. See you.

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First of all, name it as'' Selena'''''' Selina said it as?
SG: Selena. End with "e" bitiyor.İsmim, a Spanish singer's name is like my father in the 80s.

Spanish and Italian mother-name is not it?
SG: Yes, my mother was born in America but sadly Italian asıllı.Ne until I have ever gitmedim.Yakın situation in Italy was not well enough to go traveling abroad, and now I work a lot and constantly busy ...

-What kind of girl? Can you tell us about yourself?
SG: When I wake up in the morning sometimes nice dressing, makeup, make, and I love going out with my friends. But sometimes wearing tracksuits, make-up, sit at home, I have a daughter who yapıyorum.Sade laziness, jeans, pants, boots, tişör Avaible, in the colors blue, purple and gold make-up style seviyorum.Sevdiğim the lightest one, and especially when not working I love being natural. Oh, I love a decorative needles, all types.

-'' Freedom "What makes you think the word? Now let's answer
SG: self-expression, freedom to pursue your dreams and desires özgürlüğü.Hatta last album with "liberty" mentioned in the subject word album, but a lot of very belirgin.Hayatınızı affect the end of the day what you believe is important.
-'' A Year Without A Person "are you talking about one of the pieces you could not live without, you will tell us who he is?
SG: Annem.O yapamazdım.Şarkı all of these words Without listening to them very powerful tools that can hope to the people.

-Ever been in love?
SG: No, unfortunately not. At least it is a great thing to love another human being değil.Eminim sense, but now, for me, true love, mom and dad felt.
(Tell us to hear Justin Bieber!)

-If you had a boyfriend, would you be jealous type?
SG: I düşünüyorum.Tabii jealousy is absolutely unnecessary, if someone who wants to go out with me as well as other kızlarlada related, then it becomes clear attitude: Let it go, let them then! Not be able to remain friends after a romantic relationship also liked düşünüyorum.Bir once again, does not make sense to go back to friendship.

Between the characteristics of your ideal type, which collects itself-one of the Hollywood stars have?
SG: I always olmuştur.Hem weakness Shia LaBeouf'a my insides are very cute as well as the 24-year-old would be perfect! "Having said this, the other way is clearly embarrassed and avoiding his eyes he adds," No, no, I'm just kidding, of course!

-Let's talk about music: The first album "Kiss & Tell" changed to one from?
SG: At that time, there was something more to trying to figure out how to do this album, and kaydetmemiştim. Also we will not experience a lot of touring and music olmamıştı.Bir years after the unhatched and experience a lot of other artists I grew up and now I want to do after experiencing what I wanted to do and how to do it during the performance of biliyorum.Şu what I've done so far is also very pleased.

-Have you ever thought to play an instrument on stage?
SG: Yes, I'm fine, but the actual favorite instrument alıyorum.Gitarda piano lessons, guitar-tenth as much as I'm not very good, but better to be part of a group olacağım.Grubumla are very close and love, and in that way to contribute.

-Also doing a new clothing brand ....
SG: The first celebration of the new distribution of products made in Australia, the European market in talking with you at olacağız.Şu Vcare on me a few things that I design, it can not even imagine how happy I am.

-All this has brought fame and success to you I guess they're doing crazy things for photographers to follow you!
SG: Well, a very normal life and rumors sürüyorum.Dürüstüm yapıyorum.Bazen my best to not be disturbed in the week, I'm laughing because I know that they will start talking about something completely different, and I always keep rumors edecek.Açıkçası matter what I do I teach my parents a normality I do not complain of anything yaşıyorum.Ve with a sense of life .. In fact, there is a beautiful and very lucky person.

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