Museums and Historical Ruins

Şanlıurfa Museum

Museum of Sanliurfa, Harran, as well as artifacts from the excavations in the region as a result of other mounds and ancient settlement uncovered parts of the cultural heritage studies are presented in chronological order. At the entrance, Assyrian, Babylonian and Hittite eras reserved for the works.


44 miles southeast of Sanli Urfa. Every year, thousands of domestic and foreign tourists visited the city of Harran, Harran Plain bearing its name, was established in the center.

Last place in the Torah is said to be unlawful. The establishment of the Islamic historians of the city or mothers in law, grandsons of the Prophet Abraham's brother Noah Aran'a (Haran) are connected. 13th century historian Ibn Shaddadi Hz. Abraham writes sitting in the city before heading to Palestine. Therefore Harran Hz. Also called the city of Abraham, the Prophet Abraham's house in Harran, bearing the name of a mosque, he says that there is a stone seat where you sit.

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