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543. Day
I was Milliyet Sanat. Log Fethi Naci sent Criticism.
TV, eight-thirty news, suddenly, Edip Cansever news of the death was given. This news has shaken me tremendously. Rastlanmadık manner and began to cry loudly. More kaygılanmış son, said something comforting to come. Turgut sarsılmamıştım so much. Maybe there's something on top of PACU. A friend of thirty years. Solo art odyssey, but also intertwined with adventure, where the testicle has survived.
544. Day
I left home at six in the morning. I've wandered the empty streets. A buzzing in my head. A strange excitement. I walked the docks. June 1, 1986 "

Degerndorf, December, 58
... Callous. Emotionless since we left, in front of everything and everywhere. Everything is foreign; everything except my interest. Re looking at the current environment ap balcony just figured it out. Snow covered everything here. Nothing appears where I am, nor a tree, nor a house, nothing. Everywhere ap-flows. Gözyorucu a lustration (space?).
Not even trying to write. Write this space? Why not? For who? How? From there bocalıyordum there. Now a little bit focused. I have no problem to write. Perhaps she even going to read it. Cars do not drive any of the books I brought with me immediately. Consists of a trough around me, this pit every day I am more of a gömüldüğümü.
Request ... suffering. Finding himself again.
(Diary of a diary kitaplaşmamıştır)

To be less talk, not to mention the virtue of being silent anymore. Self-miss, seems to me to hide itself.
Off. I'm free. Unrelated wandering the streets. This space is threatened by this indifference to me. Harmony with the nature, unaffected miss life. Our salvation will come like poetry, is going to be the future and proud.
Ms. Nigar read poems. Of course, many of the primitive poetry. But I think more than one. "No offense, your original harâbım firâkında" string, in a sense, a poem in renewal of tradition, a new feeling, a new utterance is considered?
Past minstrels, feelings, due to belittle söyleyişlerinin cılızlığı correct? Emotions new formats, new sensitization. Today, these poems, so these feelings, but it is written to the better understanding of ancient poems. So, good or bad, all previous poets hi.


My Day

I work  for a company in Sacramento, California. I am a customer service representative. I get up at six o’clock each workday. I drive to work and begin my job at eight o’clock. I speak to people on the telephone to help them with their banking problems. People telephone the bank to ask questions about their accounts. I dont give information about accounts until people answer a few questions. I ask callers their birth date, the last four digits of their social security number and their address. If a person gives incorrect information, I ask him to call back with the correct information. I am polite and friendly with everyone. I have lunch in a park next to my office. I return home at five o’clock in the evening. After work, I go to the gym to work out. I have dinner at seven o’clock. I like watching TV after dinner. I go to bed at eleven o’clock at night.


Mike’s Diary

i slept badly. it was cold again. i got up early at 6 and had a wash in cold weather. i had breadand water for breakfast. after breakfast i went to the market. i worked all morning. i had bread and soup for lunch in the market. i left work at seven and went home. on the way ,i met one my friend, tom. i spoke to him for a while. i lit a fire and made dinner. we  talked and sang songs. i went bed early and fell asleep. it was a good day…