1) What does john do? -He is a tour guide
2) Where does he live? -He lives in London
3) How many children does he have? -He has two chıldren
4) Where ıs he now? -He is in london now
5) What are the tourists doing now? -They are visiting the Tower of London
6) What is john having for lunch now? -He is having fish and chips and drinking coke now
7) What does he like about his job? -He meets a lot of new people and sometimes he has problems
8)why does he miss his family? -Because,He travels a lot
9)what does julıa do? -She is a dentist

I usually play football. But I am playıng basketball now
I never go to the Math course. But now I'm goıng to The math course
I go out on saturdays. But now I am not going out
I never feel bad . But now I am feelıng bad

1) Sometimes
2) Always
3) Sometimes
4) Never
5) Usually
6) Always
7) Never
8) Usually

1) Has
2) Feels
3) Loves
4) Feeds
5) Goes
6) Leaves

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