Lions are large cats that live on grassy plains (savannas) in Africa and a some grasslands of India. These golden-colored felines grow to be up to 6 feet (1.8 m) long and weigh up to 420 pounds (190 kg). Lions live for about 15 years in the wild. The scientific name for lions is Panthera leo.

Lions live in permanent groups, called “prides.” These prides have up to 25 lions in them. The home territory of a pride can cover 100 square miles (260 square km). The females do most of the hunting, often hunting in groups.

Lions are nocturnal (more active at night). Lions hunt antelopes, zebra, wildebeest, warthogs, and other large, herding animals.

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African lion, the world's largest four cats (lion, tiger, panther, leopard) is one. Male African lion, an average of 250 kilograms. Recorded in 1970, the heaviest lion at Colchester Zoo in England named Simba lion at the zoo. The weight can be 375 kg. If it is almost half the females. Skin brownish yellow. Male's mane varies from brownish-yellow to black. Broad forehead, strong jaw, prolonged and retractable claws, short and oblique yellowish hairy. Tassels tip of the tail. Male lion's head surrounded by a mane of long and beautiful decorated. Distributed over their shoulders so that forelock, when the swell gets angry. Lions fight each other for the region. Typically, this can result in death. Very sharp claws and teeth of lions. One hit kill or injure a person. Generally, types of cats living on the continent of Africa in the lives of the world's social genus sürdürürler.Aslanlar. All other types of antisocial cat is the only cat oluştururan large groups of lions prefer to live alone constitutes no cinsidir.Grup the biggest reason they are so fast to catch their prey grupsal where an ambush has been suggested that some of the scientific community.

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