Uzmanlar tarafından teker teker incelenmiş onaylı cevaplar, doğru ve güvenilir bilgileri içermektedir. Eodev içerisinde moderatörler tarafından kontrol edilmiş milyonlarca kaliteli cevap vardır ancak onaylanmış cevaplar mükemmel ötesidir.
+Hello.Officer Nick is speaking.
-Hello.I need you help.Some body wants to break into our house.
+Calm down and answer my questions,please.
+First of all,what is your name?
-It's Mary Wind.
+And are you alone at home?
-No.I'm with my little brother,Paul.
+Where are you at the moment?
-In the living room.
+What are you doing?
-We are listening music.
+Where is the person?
-I think he is at the window.He iswalking the door.I can hear his foot steps.
+What is the person doin now?
-He is trying to open door.Please help!
+Keep calm and stay on line.The police will be there in a few minutes.
-Oh It's Uncle Gray.
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